What are some of the most popular window treatments for vintage charm in home decor?

Rustic white blinds in the kitchen. Easy-to-use burlap curtains with side hooks.

What are some of the most popular window treatments for vintage charm in home decor?

Rustic white blinds in the kitchen. Easy-to-use burlap curtains with side hooks. Idea for decorating farm windows with anti-slip cloths. Lace curtains furrowed laterally with clips.

Hang a window instead of a valance. Window coverings are an important aspect of home decor that can improve or break the overall aesthetic of your space. Vintage window curtains are a great choice for those who want to add a touch of old world charm to their homes. From lace curtains to bold prints, there are a variety of vintage curtains to choose from.

Increase comfort and charm in a country house or cottage with curtains to match your style. Use classic fabrics such as burlap, Vichy paintings and paintings, or opt for recycled wood borders or shutters. In addition to choosing curtains, you can unleash your creativity and decorate the windows with other alternatives. And while most aren't as functional, they do offer style and can be your weekend DIY projects.

Many of these DIY window ideas are very easy and quick to make, but they look amazing. From fun to sophisticated, you can find a style that fits any decor and budget. For example, if you want a look inspired by rustic decor, you can hang a burlap curtain for windows. Or add a touch of color to uncovered windows; well, stained glass panels may be your option.

To help you out, we've put together some window decorating ideas that are new and crafty and that you're sure to like a lot. In this country kitchen, a sink with apron and a collection of old scales complete the charming vignette. To choose the best curtains for each room, start by identifying practical aspects, such as how much privacy, light and temperature control you need for each window. This crisp bathroom design by Sissy+ Marley Interior Design has a strict black and white palette, including white blinds on the windows that integrate seamlessly and can be adjusted as needed.

This romantic room by Ashley Montgomery Design has vintage floral wallpaper and a soft pink window curtain that matches the bedding for a cohesive and cozy look. Multiple layers of windows can also be placed to create more light control options and visual effects, such as a plain white roller blind superimposed with a more decorative Roman curtain in a different color or pattern. When choosing the right vintage window curtains, consider your overall style and the amount of light you want to let in. Thick pale wood interior shutters give a modern rustic touch to this Leanne Ford Interiors kitchen and can be used to block light and control temperature to reduce dependence on air conditioning during hot summer days.

A colorful Roman tone with a floral print softens the black-framed windows of this modern, neutral laundry room by Michelle Berwick Design, and you don't need to close it at night unless you want to. While window coverings are often considered the finishing touch to a room, it's a mistake to think that they are merely decorative. Mary Patton Design painted this children's bathroom in a striking lilac tone and then chose pastel pink tulip-like Roman tones that add volume to the windows and reinforce the whimsical spring atmosphere. Mary Patton Design added large checkered curtains and a matching blind to the windows of this room, which complement the light blue paint on the wall and give the space a polished look.

Mary Patton Design softened the windows of this black and white bathroom with soft frosted tones that add a floral print that complements the vintage details of the modern space. In this Desiree Burns Interiors space, the gray curtains that go from floor to ceiling soften the wall of the windows and can be closed for more privacy at night. Mary Patton Design dressed the windows of this quiet space with matching fabrics in the blinds and curtains.